“I have always found Simply Me to be personal, progressive and very professional. They are caring and committed and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Our daughter couldn’t wait to go every morning and it was reassuring to know that she was in such great hands. Everyone was so supportive and friendly it has definitely helped her develop and boosted her confidence. She was sad when it was time to leave…”

“Thank you so much for all the work you have done with L* this year.  She has really loved her time at Nursery and your dedication and support have meant she has really moved on both academically and socially and she is now really ready for school.  She has been incredibly lucky to have these months in such a caring and nurturing environment and I know she will miss you all next year.”

“My son Patrick started Simply Me in 2013 and I was really happy with how he developed over the course of the year, not just in terms of his knowledge of numbers, letters and other skills, but socially too.  Before his time at Malone he would occasionally be quite shy with new people and wary of certain situations but a year later he would speak to anyone and everyone.  I like that there was a strong emphasis on good behaviour, respect for other children and tolerance.  The staff were really committed and friendly with updates on how the children were developing, they seemed really passionate about what they did as opposed to people who saw their job as a means to an end.  It was obvious the children felt very secure and happy as well as stimulated.  I’d definitely recommend Simply Me to other parents.”


 “Thank you to you and your fine team for all the professional expertise, education, patience and persistence through the last academic year.J* started Primary School in September without any issues at all – not even the slightest hint of clinginess on day 1, and is flourishing thanks to the solid foundation and key skills learned with you and your team through the previous year… I have seen at first hand how rounded J* has been in relation to her peers from other nurseries (or coming straight from home) and the difference is stark… So I wanted to pass on a heartfelt thanks to you and your team for a great year at Simply Me.  I can see the difference, very clearly, both in how J* has developed as my daughter but also in relation to her peers in P1, and I’m very grateful for your hard work and expertise in investing in her future and setting her up for success at primary school and beyond.”


         A special testimonial from one of our Nursery children:
“The other day A* was in Build-a-Bear and was asked by the shopkeeper to make a wish while putting a heart into the teddy.  A* made a wish that all his friends should not go anywhere but stay in Simply Me together… in his words… for a very very long time!”
A’s Daddy
“Thank you so much for the hard work, dedication and enthusiasm over the last year.  Everything, from all the activities and days out, the way you present their work, and the friendships you’ve helped encourage, has been incredible.  Even the food… Mum’s cottage pie is still not as good as Nursery’s! Right from the start M* couldn’t wait to get to Nursery each day.  In fact getting her to leave at home time has been the challenge! Seeing her development has been really exciting for us and I know that she’ll start P1 believing that school will be great fun.  Thanks again for all the wonderful work you have done.”
“Our daughter has blossomed under your dedicated care and has developed so many skills and talents.  We are so thankful for all the hard work you and your staff put into caring for the children.  The cheerful and positive environment greets us everyday when we drop off and pick up.  Thank you also for the events during the year – the attention to detail is brilliant and we have really enjoyed seeing J* perform with her classmates.”
“We would like to say a very big thank you for giving A* such a special three years.  We really do think the first 5 years are so important in our children’s lives and we couldn’t have wished for a better time for A*.  You have all nurtured her and given her so much support and care.  We shall all miss “Simply the Best!” A huge thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”
“Your dedication to your children is beyond anything I have experienced in any school or nursery, from visiting us at home to the patience and understanding you afforded every day at school.  I know that our daughter will remember you for many years to come and thank you on behalf of all my family.”

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