At Malone Nursery School we follow a unique Curiosity nature learning programmes influenced by the Reggio Emilia Approach to Education and Montessori philosophy alongside the NI Early Years Curriculum.  We offer part-time FREE Nursery Education funded by the Education Authority for eligible 3 and 4 year olds.  Malone Nursery School specialises in providing:

  • FREE Education Authority funded Nursery School for 3-5 year olds
  • Quality Enriched Early Years Curriculum
  • Highscope approach to let children become independent learners.
  • Highly professional graduate team of Early Years practitioners.
  • A high staff to child ratio with all nursery sessions and specialised workshops having 1:8 .
  • Experiences to help develop the whole child with individual learning programmes to meet their needs.
  • Main nursery school feeder into Fullerton Prep. & other local primary schools in South Belfast

Read more about our unique blended own uniquely blended nature curiosity approach here

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  • To form partnerships with home, school, parent and teacher with the child’s individual needs always at the centre
  • To create a warm, friendly, caring environment to support active learning with high quality adult – child interaction.
  • Highscope approach to let children become independent learners.
  • ” Let me be Simply Me”

How do we meet these aims?

  • Quality enriched curriculum planned according to Education Authority guidelines.
  • Click here to see a copy of our DENI Government Inspection.
  • Personalized record of each child’s special moments.
  • Individual learning programmes devised by Early Years Specialists
  • Children’s workshops providing quality experiences for 3-8 year olds

Reggio Emilia Curriculum Approach…

Our Nursery School curriculum is based on the Reggio Emilia philosophy which was developed in the Italian community of Reggio Emilia.  The program is designed to be child centred using an emergent curriculum where projects and themes have been inspired by the children’s own interests.

The main elements of the approach are creativity, critical thinking and problem solving, and the method of teaching promotes children’s learning by encouraging their natural inquisitiveness and independence. Our new early years nursery program creates a learning environment that enhances and facilitates children’s construction of their own process of thinking through the combination of all the expressive, communicative and cognitive languages.

Read more about our unique blended own uniquely blended nature curiosity approach here