To mark our 20th Anniversary, our eagerly anticipated purpose-built Scandinavian style Kindergarten is now officially open, within the grounds of the Kings Hall Complex.  The child-centred, bright and spacious learning spaces, both inside and out, will provide a stimulating learning environment of the highest quality, to match the quality and further extend the range of educare facilities children have enjoyed since 1995.

Click the link to see photos of our Grand Opening Celebrations in June 2015.

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‘Learning by Nature’… Eco-style construction

The new classrooms place an emphasis on bringing nature into the learning spaces and extending play areas into the outdoor environment.  Set within open grass and enjoying views of nature in all directions, the design is based on the Scandinavian nursery model for early childhood education where children learn through exploration of their outdoor environment all year round.

Studies have shown that children educated in natural environments are healthier, have better balance and co-ordination, are more attentive, demonstrate greater creativity in their play and develop more sophisticated uses of language than children spending most of their time indoors.

To view the photo journey to construct and build our new Kindergarten buildings, check out our facebook page here.

“All I ever really needed to know, I learned in Kindergarten.” (Robert Fulgham)

Take a Tour

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