Our vison at Malone is three-fold:

1. For the children…

  • to feel happy and part of a wider family circle
  • to be valued as an individual
  • to feel included no matter what their individual needs may be
  • to develop qualities of confidence, enthusiasm, tolerance and perseverance
  • to be aware of and share in the values of others
  • to develop the key skills and building blocks of learning for life

2. For the parents…

  • to feel part of a welcoming environment
  • to work in close partnership with the school with a spirit of mutual respect and openness
  • to aid the development of the ‘whole’ child
  • to have a positive experience of their child’s first steps away from home and into an educational environment

3. For the staff…

  • to work within an atmosphere of mutual kindness, respect and professionalism
  • to work with a sense of committment to the children, knowing that these first steps of learning are the most important in their life.
  • to work within a motivated and passionate teamof professionals who believe that their hard work and dedication can really ‘make a difference’ to children’s lives
  • to have an opportunity to develop their own expertise, knowledge and skills